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With over 200 pieces of stained glass to choose from in our Ocracoke gallery, your selection of the perfect piece of stained glass for your home is almost certain.  We choose classic designs that will beautifully coordinate with your decor, whether it is modern, art deco, arts and crafts, country or antique.  

Most pieces of English antique stained glass are about 100 years old, they were popular in England from about 1880 up until World War II. After that time, anything that was manufactured using lead stopped and after the war, modern windows were the style, so production of stained glass windows fell drastically. 

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Stained Glass Ideas to Inspire You. 
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Stained Glass Links

A History of Stained Glass from the Stained Glass Assoc. of America:

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The Stained Glass Museum at the Ely Cathedral, UK, with a list of excellent links:

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We've included plenty of links on this page so that you can explore the history of stained glass, understand how to take care of your stained glass treasures, and become inspired!

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